This is the object I finally chose for my exhibition

It was a mug full of milk.

It looks very ‘baroque’, does it not?

I scanned this mug of milk a few months ago. I made some modifications to the scan, did some sculpting, played with the form, but it didn’t give me any particular inspiration until I placed it in the gallery room.

The atmosphere I achieved by placing this object in virtual space reminded me of the paintings of Johannes Vermeer. Vermeer expressed the beauty and harmony found in everyday objects and activities. Having thought about that I’ve decided to do something more radical – I’ll focus on only one single item. But in a way that will enable me to build a visual connection with Vermeer’s painting. Yes, paintings!

I sculpt and model this mug to give it the desired shape. I will present the effects of my work in March at an exhibition in Blue Point Art.
Below is The Milkmaid, one of Vermeer’s paintings